There are many reasons to book a photo shoot in Sarajevo, to capture your holiday. Anyone can benefit from hiring a local professional photographer in Sarajevo – from solo travelers, families, couples or newlyweds celebrating a honeymoon. Hiring a local photographer to capture your special moments for your own private photo shoot in Sarajevo is a memorable and unique way to see the city. Meeting your local photographer will also give you insider tips for the rest of your stay in Sarajevo. Allowing a professional to create and edit your photos will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your vacation and time abroad.
When you book a private photo shoot with the Sarajevo Photographer, you’ll have access to insider knowledge to the area and will discover some hidden locations that you never knew existed. Prior to your photoshoot in Sarajevo, your local photographer will ask about your interests to customize the experience just for you. We listen to your ideas and care about your must-have shots, whether it’s classic locations like the Old town or offbeat locations that will convey your personal style. The shoots are arranged and scheduled at the best times to start your photoshoot so you can avoid large crowds and have the most flattering light for your photos.
With professional gear like different lenses, lighting equipment, but most importantly a genuine artistic vision, are used to make sure the shots are perfectly captured, to create unique and creative photos. After the extensive editing process, you’ll receive top-quality digital copies of your photos that are immediately ready to share on social media.

Duration: 1 hour of photo shooting

included: 4-5 hours of photo editing

Price: 60,00 EUR