Some things


(some true - some not)


I was born in a house with a red roof, and then grew up there. Along the way I learned about important things. Like music, traveling, graphic design and photography…(and to always shot in RAW!).  For the past 10 years or so I’ve been working as a photo journalist, professional travel photographer and wedding photographer for various clients – Big news agencies, Travel companies and some weird and dodgy individuals! So to summarize all those years I can only say – that’s a lot of Clicks! That’s why I’m considered (at least in my village) to be undisputed champion in freestyle fast clicking photography!  

When it comes to photography style I prefer – I’d always pick landscape over corporate or outdoor over studio portrait photography, but in general if it’s photography related thing- I’m not saying NO! However there is one style which I really enjoy doing…and that’s Food photography! Why? Only because I get to clean (eat) everything after the photo shooting! Anyway, I could go on with this for a while but I truly believe that for a photographer his photos should speak for himself instead of words.

So if you like my photos – let’s meet and have fun! 

p.s. I’m still living in that house!